Top 5 Restaurants In Syracuse

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  1. Mother’s Cupboard: If you’re on James Street, you may have driven right past this diner thinking it was someones old shed. But like the saying goes, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” From the outside, you wouldn’t expect too much from this tiny restaurant, but the food portions are massive. Mother’s Cupboard is famous for their Frittata Challenge, which consists of six pounds of sausage, pepperoni, broccoli, onions, peppers, and home fries. You probably won’t eat for days if you finish the entire thing, but on the bright side, you will get your picture on the wall…and a free t-shirt. Make sure to get there early for a seat, and of course, go with an empty stomach.
  2. Dinosaur BBQ: In the mood for some good barbecue and live music with friends? Then take a ride downtown to Dinosaur BBQ. This Syracuse location is one of 10 locations in the United States. It’s a Southern-style restaurant that serves anything from your traditional barbecue chicken wings to over 10 delicious homemade sides. While you stuff your face with pork ribs, cornbread, mac and cheese, and mashed potatoes [as if that isn’t enough], you’ll have some musical entertainment as well. There are bands that perform every night during the week [except Sunday], so gather up your friends and show them what Southern cooking is all about.
  3. Unique Tea House: Regular tea is boring — but when you add “bubbles”, tea sounds and tastes so much better. The Unique Tea House has over 40 tea flavors to choose from. Once you pick the flavor, the next step is to decide whether or not you want to add bubbles. These aren’t actual bubbles, but rather tapioca balls that are found at the bottom of your drink. If you think bubble tea sounds cool, you haven’t seen the straws. The straws come in all different colors that are made specifically for the bubbles to fit through. This little tea house is hidden on Marshall Street near Syracuse University. You may think you’re in the wrong place when you approach a tattoo parlor, but at the top of the staircase you will find the Unique Tea House.
  4. Funk ‘N Waffles: This restaurant was featured on the Food Network’s show Diners, Drive-ins, & Dives and after eating here you will know why. Every waffle has its own kind of “funk”,  hence its name. There are only two locations, and lucky for us they’re right here in Syracuse. One is located downtown on Clinton Street and the other is on Syracuse University’s campus. If you want to live on the edge and spice up your choice of waffles, go inside and look at their menu. They have a waffle designed for everyone . . . and you can even make your own.
  5. Pastabilities: There’s nothing to make your stomach smile like a classic homemade meal. And if you can’t make it home for your mom’s, Pastabilities Italian food is probably the closest you will get. Everything is made from scratch: from their pasta to their famous Spicy Hot Tomato Oil that you dip your fresh Italian bread into. You will think you’re at your grandma’s house for Sunday dinner. And if  you don’t want to wait until the evening to stop in, the restaurant is also open for lunch [which is served cafeteria style]. So grab a plate and take a seat next to a magnetic board to keep you entertained while you wait for your food. It’s the perfect solution when you’re missing your mom’s good old fashioned cooking.