Fall Movie Preview

Pawn Sacrifice [Sept. 16]: Tobey Maguire stars as Bobby Fischer, the American Chess Legend, as he squares off against the dominating Soviet Union during the Cold War. This “warts and all” portrayal will definitely be worth a look.
Black Mass [Sept. 18]: Johnny Depp, hopefully in a return to form, stars as infamous mobster Whitey Bulger in this gangster thriller.
Sicario [Sept. 18]: Emily Blunt stars as a moral FBI agent, struggling to stay that way in this thriller about drug wars across the Mexican border.
Mississippi Grind [Sept. 25]: Ben Mendelsohn and Ryan Reynolds are gamblers in this casino action flick.
Labyrinth of Lies [Sept. 30]: After WWII, a young German man finds evidence of Nazis that returned to their pre-Third Reich lives after the war. This movie follows his dangerous pursuit of them.
Freeheld [Oct. 2]: Julianne Moore plays a police officer suffering from cancer while fighting to get beneficiary rights for her partner, played by Ellen Page, as the law doesn’t protect homosexuals in this respect. Like About Ray, this movie seems well-intended, but may be overly emotional. Either way, it’s still worth seeing for yourself.
Steve Jobs [Oct. 9]: Danny Boyle teams up with Aaron Sorkin [who’s better at writing films than TV] to show a portrait of Steve Jobs — the visionary with a cruel side. Hopefully the two don’t make the same mistakes as the Jobs, and show the complexity of the man.
Bridge Of Spies [Oct. 16]: With Spielberg directing and the Coen brothers writing, this Cold War thriller should be any cinephile’s dream come true.
Beasts Of No Nation [Oct. 16]: Idris Elba is an African military commander using child soldiers in this fearless movie directed by True Detective season one director Cary Fukanaga. Anyone with a Netflix account should see it, as it will be released on that platform.
Rock The Kasbah [Oct. 23]: Bill Murray returns to his comedy roots as a washed-up touring agent on a tour in the Middle East.
Extraordinary Tales [Oct. 30]: An animated anthology of various Edgar Allen Poe tales. Poe’s stories should fit the format well, so this is definitely noteworthy.