“Miley, What’s Good?”: The Most Shocking Moments of the 2015 VMAs


photo via youtube.com

Karissa John ‘17, STAFF WRITER


On Sunday Aug. 30 MTV aired its raunchiest award show: The Video Music Awards. Hosted by Miley Cyrus. The show honored 2015’s top music videos, while also giving a special Vanguard award to Kanye West. The VMAs are notorious for their shocking moments — Kanye interrupting Taylor Swift, Britney Spears kissing Madonna — this year was no exception.

So here are the most shocking moments of the 2015 VMAs:

  1. Nicki Minaj opened the show with a performance of “Trini Dem Girls” featuring surprise guest, Taylor Swift. This was definitely a surprise to most, seeing as  the two had a very public Twitter feud a few weeks prior. Although Minaj and Swift had publically patched things up, seeing Swift appear on stage still managed to make me fall out of my chair. The two sang Minaj’s “The Night is Still Young,” and poked fun at their feud by singing a piece of Swift’s girl fight anthem, “Bad Blood”.
  2. Minaj continued to be the star of shocking moments when, while accepting her award for Best Hip-Hop Video, she called out host Miley Cyrus for talking negatively about her to the press. The two brought out the claws, and Cyrus didn’t hesitate to call Minaj out right back. It was a tense and awkward moment for viewers, but Minaj’s line, “Miley, what’s good?” has become a VMA classic and was instantly turned into memes and t-shirts.
  3. Kanye West put himself down in the book of VMA memorable moments once again with his “out there” speech while accepting his Vanguard award. He brought up a lot of very big and very different ideas, one of which was that award shows shouldn’t exist because all they do is make extremely successful artists feel like losers. But, what everyone is still talking about was the final moment of his speech when he jokingly announced he would be running for president in 2020. I don’t know about you, but a country run by West wouldn’t be one I would want to live in. But, that could be because I still hate him for what he did to Swift in 2009.

While this year’s VMAs were pretty exciting, I have no doubt that 2015 will seem boring compared to future years. I, for one, cannot wait.