LSDC’s Spring Recital


photo courtesy of Rachel Chea ’17

Abigail Adams '16, Arts & Leisure Editor

This Friday and Saturday night, the Le Moyne Student Dance Company will put on their spring recital, “When In Doubt, Turn Out.” Near the end of every semester we get a chance to watch Le Moyne’s talented team of ladies booty pop, hair flip, and wink their way into our hearts. The recital will feature many dance styles including contemporary/lyrical, hip-hop, tap, jazz , and some ballet. Music will range from top-40 hits to acoustic songs and even a speech set to music.

Starting at 8 pm, a dozen dances will be performed by over 40 performers. These dancers are a true team who work tirelessly to put this show together for friends and family to enjoy. Senior and Executive Director Taylor Ingram says, “There is so much that goes into putting on a great show, and the LSDC board members do an awesome job with everything from editing music to creating posters to publicize the show.”

Senior Traci Martinez has been a member of LSDC since the second semester of her freshman year and is also a tap choreographer. Martinez talked about how LSDC has helped her dancing skills: “LSDC has made me a better dancer in so many ways.  I learned all different styles of dance and feel like I have become a better dancer all around from learning in our technique classes and from the student choreographers here.”

Not only is dancing a great stress reliever and fun but helps students with their time management. “Keeping a balance between school and dance could be a challenge for some, but if you stay on top of your work and stay focused in the studio, there should be no real big problems,” Martinez says.

The many tiring nights and long practices only form a stronger bond between the LSDC ladies. According to senior Brittany Taylor, LSDC is known as a cult on campus and she wouldn’t have it any other way. “I met some of my best friends in this company and I am so thankful for the one of a kind experience LSDC gave me.”

LSDC also gives students an outlet to explore their creative freedom, from choreographing dances to lighting the stage and choosing outfits for dances. Ingram says, “This is my sixth semester choreographing, and it is one of my favorite aspects of being a member of the company. I love to create a story to music, and play a role in designing my costumes and lighting. There is nothing more rewarding than having talented dancers perform the dance I choreographed.”

LSDC is student run and every dance is choreographed by a member. This year, two dances are being done by two guest choreographers while the other ten are done by students. Brittany Taylor says, “I love being a choreographer for LSDC. It’s an amazing way to express myself and truly connect with my fellow dancers on a totally different level.”

Come support LSDC this weekend, because “When In Doubt, Turn Out.”