Let the Games Begin!

Kelsi Hidde '16, STAFF WRITER

Season five of Game of Thrones is here! I won’t lie, I spent my entire week leading up to it rewatching the previous seasons. And yes I did scream when the Viper got his head smashed in, just like the first time watching it. Thank God the first four episodes were leaked because our lovely school cable doesn’t get HBO and HBO GO doesn’t release the episode until 10. I mean really HBO, you made me wait eight months, why do you make me wait another hour…

So, this brings me to the episode. I have to say I was generally pretty happy with the way it turned out. I’m one of the crew that has read all the books, so I’m a real stickler for details. There are only a few things that kind of upset me. Varys escorting Tyrion to Pentos? This did NOT happen in the book people! Also, I’m kind of annoyed at how Sansa is kind of out and about with Lord Baelish when in the books she has to hide herself so no one finds out about her. Finally, the whole part with Missandei and Grey Worm having some sort of sexual feelings towards each other? No the whole reason why the Unsullied are so good at fighting is because the Great Master’s tortured all feeling out of them at a young age. But, unfortunately in this day and age, sex sells.

I am a big fan of Lady Melisandre as well. I like that while she may have some twisted ways about her, she really wants what’s best for the realm. All she really cares about is keeping the White Walkers far away from the seven kingdoms. That is also why I would really like to see Varys in a higher position of power than Master of Whispers. If I had my way I would have Petyr Baelish as king, because he’s ruthless enough to get stuff done. I would have Varys as his hand to make sure the realm is protected. Yes, I get that Dany is the Mother of Dragons, but those monsters would be gone in a heartbeat! No dragons in my kingdom!

I have to say I rather enjoyed the part where Lancel pretty much hands Cersei her butt. In case you don’t know Cersei and Lancel are cousins and have had a lot of sex. Lancel was wounded in the Battle of Blackwater and while convalescing, took to the faith of the seven. So he comes up to her at her father’s funeral and basically tells her she needs to own up to all of the ruthless, horrible crap she did. Keep watching this season to see how this pans out, you won’t be disappointed.

Finally, I love the director’s sense of humor. I love that Margery bursts into the room just as Loras Tyrell and one of the Redwhyne twins are about to have sex. Margery literally gives no f’s about anything now that she has learned her family’s role in Joffrey’s death.


Game of Thrones airs every Sunday at 9 pm on HBO.