Furious 7: A Tribute to Remember


Matt Clark '15, Editor-in-Chief

When Vin Diesel made the outlandish claim that Furious 7 could win Best Picture and next year’s Oscars, he was laughed at. While the seventh installment in the high-speed franchise may not meet that lofty goal, it will certainly be among the most memorable movies audiences will think about at year’s end.

Obviously, Paul Walker’s tragic death loomed large over Furious’ entire production. He passed away midway through the film’s shoot, but through the work of some impressive special effects and brotherly body doubles, its like he was in the whole film all along.

The plot for Furious 7 is fairly basic. They crew defeated Deckard Shaw’s (Jason Statham) brother in Fast and Furious 6, so naturally the elder Shaw is out for revenge. Furious 7 opens with an entire hospital destroyed in Shaw’s wake. Safe to say, this is a bad guy worth the crew’s time.

Regardless of whether or not of how familiar you are with the Fast franchise, Furious 7 has something for everyone. The production notes next to the stunts must have read something along the lines of “sure, why not?” for every single one. Cars parachuting out of a plane? Fine. Diesel driving a six-figure car through not one, but two Dubai skyscrapers? Alright, what the hell. It is that type of attitude that has made the Fast and Furious movies so successful this decade. They know they are not to be taken seriously by any normalized form of film criticism, they are purely made for entertainment. Therefore, everything, literally everything is on the table.

What Furious lacks in plot substance, it makes up for in a heartfelt farewell for Walker. Without giving anything away, the tribute done at the end will leave anyone who has ever had a friend, or as Dom Toretto calls it, “family,” will be left with their heart on the floor and tears in their eyes.

With some of the greatest stunt sequences witnessed on screen in quite some time, and in addition to Walker’s beautiful tribute, Furious 7 is a phenomenal kickoff to the unofficial start of summer movie season. I saw this movie Saturday, and have not stopped thinking about it since. Frankly, it’s going to take a while for me to not think about it. Go see it; you’ll be happy you did. Diesel wasn’t 100% wrong, it’s the best movie of 2015…well, so far, at least.