Mumford & Sons: Creating String Power


Abigail Adams '16, Arts & Leisure Editor

Recently, Mumford and Sons announced some exciting news for fans! Their new album Wilder Mind will be released May 4. But Mind might not sound like the Mumford most people are familiar with. In an interview with Rolling Stone, band leader Marcus Mumford said they started drifting away from their acoustic sound and wanted to branch out into the more electric rock/alt scene. Mumford also said the writing process was more of a sharing experience this time around. Every band member felt creatively free to try out new things and share their lyrics with other members of the band; “The boys kept coming up with a bunch of amazing lyrics that I found really fun to sing, and that was quite a liberating experience too – really enjoying, relishing singing someone else’s lyrics,” Mumford says.

The first single off the album is titled, “Believe”. At first listen, you get more of a Coldplay-vibe with soaring light guitars leading the song to become a powerful ballad. Although the sound is different than what we’re used to hearing from these guys, it sounds natural. Nothing about the electric guitar solo feels unproduced or not fitting. Mumford’s raspy voice runs right alongside the edgy guitar as empowering lyrics repeat throughout the song; “Say something/ say something/ something like you love me.” “Believe” is quite sad when you focus on the lyrics, but the musical treatment of it makes it feel as though by the end of the song there’s some sort of relief and answer to the problem discussed throughout the three and a half minutes of pure poetry. A failed relationship, lack of faith, misconceiving, and lost opportunities prove to be the negatives in this song but are balanced with the triumphant positives in the chorus, chanting “Open up my eyes/ Tell me how to lie”.

After Mumford announced their hiatus near the end of 2013, I was sure it was going to be a lot longer than this. But they couldn’t bury their creativity for too long. Only three months after their break, the band was together again making music, “It didn’t feel like a huge departure in some way, you know? It felt kind of natural to us. It sounds kind of like a jolt or something, but for us it was just where we were headed,” Mumford told Rolling Stone about coming together for their new sound.

The hardest pill to swallow here is the fact that fans now have to wait until May 4 to head back to the church of Mumford.