A Restaurant Review by Someone who Digs Food: Pi Day and Pie Day


Maureen Compoli '11, Staff Writer

There are two things I really enjoy: eating and learning. And when I can do them together all the better, eh? This past Saturday was “Pi Day of the Century.” Being a student of English Literature the first thing I do is add an “E” on the end of Pi and then go right out and sample some. What I learned was what I read in Glenn Coin’s March 13 article: This 3/14 was going to be the only time in this century that the first ten digits of pi would be represented in date and time form: 3.14.15 9:26:53 a.m.

So on Saturday 3/14/15 at approximately 9:30 a.m. my husband and I went out searching for desserts…pies to be exact. We stopped at The Knotty Pine in Wampsville (104 Genesee Street, Wampsville, New York) and got a piece of banana cream, coconut cream, and Boston Crème pies to sample.

If you’ve never indulged in the art of dessert making and want to start, pies are a great way to begin. The reason being is that there are avenues of shortcuts to help you along. For example, Jell-O pudding in the box was the base for the coconut cream pie we tried. There is no shame in this as the filling was light, fluffy and creamy with real bits of coconut smattered in there. The topping was a delicate, sweet, not-too-thick whipped cream with more coconut shavings on top. The crust was your basic pie crust but it was not tough and had the slightest bit of a salty zing to it.

The next flavor we tried was the banana cream. Now this one was real-deal home-made banana pudding with vanilla wafer crust. Oh, man it was indeed a slice of heaven as they say. The pudding filling was silky and cool and not too sweet banana with a homemade meringue combination whipped cream topping. I don’t usually go for meringue but this stuff was a lovely sticky yet fluffy and sweet blanket for the banana cream. The vanilla wafer base was crunchy and sweet and not too crumbly.

The final sample was the Boston Crème which let’s face it, gang, it’s really a cake but who am I to bust convention.  It’s one of my favorite desserts as you may recall. The yellow sponge cake was light and yet firm with a buttery flavor and soft texture. The filling was vanilla pudding which was cool and creamy and thick but not starchy. The flavor was sweet and vanilla-y. The icing was a creamy milk chocolate and it was shiny with a smooth texture that complimented the vanilla filling and buttery cake without overpowering. The three flavors get along together beautifully.

What a great Pi/Pie Day I had this year. Can you see why stressed spelled backward is desserts??