“Spraaang” Break 2015

Brianna Montalto ‘15, STAFF WRITER

Between midterms, work, and record-breaking temperatures, this semester has been a rough one for most Le Moyne College students. With the weather alone, it gets harder and harder to find motivation to walk to class or finish those midterm papers.  The only thing we have motivation for is finding the best bargains and the best locations for spring break.

I asked four LMC students where they will be during spring break, which is coming up next week. Seniors Natalie Martin, Catherine Mahoney, Marie Harrell, and junior Kristen Hall all talked to me about their exciting trips.


Where are you going?

Natalie: “New Orleans.”

Catherine: “Iceland.”

Marie: “A cruise to the Bahamas.”

Kristen: “San Francisco.”


Why did you choose this destination?
N: “We were looking for cruises, but New Orleans seemed like a good combination of history and night-life. It’s a well-known and popular place.”

C: “It’s a place that I may not go to otherwise if I put it off. And I got a really good deal on Groupon. It’s a cool combination of a city and then natural beauty.

M: “Well, I’ve never been out of the country and Bahamas was one of the places on my list. It’s just somewhere I’ve always wanted to go.”

K: “My aunt lives there so I’ll be staying with her. I wanted to go somewhere affordable, but different and interesting. I mean come on, a free room.”


Who are you going with?

N: “My roommate!”

C: “My best friend from home.”

M: “Seven of my closest friends from Le Moyne.”

K: “Myself. I’ll be spending most of my time with my aunt, though.”


What are you most excited for?

N: “I’m excited to see the culture, the architecture cause I heard that is really awesome, and to go on tours. I want to go on a haunted tour.”

C: “Probably just the landscapes and seeing how beautiful and different that country is. And my friend has never been out of the country, so I’ll be experiencing that with her.”

M: “I’m most excited for the tropical drinks, relaxing in the sun, and I’m excited to experience the culture when we get to Bahamas. Oh, and the food of course.”

K: “I’m probably most excited for the museums we plan on touring and meeting awesome people.”