Fifth Harmony’s Reflection


Abigail Adams '16, ARTS & LEISURE EDITOR

I was very excited to sit down and listen to Fifth’s Harmony’s debut album Reflection, but am now sadly disappointed.  This five-piece all girl pop group took the world by storm ever since the moment they stepped onto the X Factor stage in 2012. Their voices blend together like warm caramel and melted chocolate and that’s what I expected when listening to this album. But, it felt more like they were trying too hard to just be good.

These girls are crazy talented and Reflection felt like a waste of time. Songs like, “Sledgehammer” and “BO$$” catapulted them into the pop ‘come and go’ category which is not where they belong. They are so much better than that. The skill and beauty Fifth Harmony has when they sing is what makes them dynamite, but this album was not a representation of that. I think they focused more on image and themes of sassy girl power instead of orchestrating a proper musical debut. They have the skill to be a five-piece Ariana powerhouse but I think they lost their way down into pop candy land.

The album starts with a hip-hop/pop heavy song called “Top Down”. The lyrics are forgettable and bound to be annoying after the 1000 listen. Adding elements of hip-hop, dance beats, pop medley’s, and a repetitive chorus, leave listeners with nothing but a wasted three minutes and forty seconds. I kept wanting to hear better constructed lyrics and more diverse hooks, but they were nowhere to be found.

Other songs like, “Worth It”, “Them Girls Be Like”, and “This Is How We Roll” all follow popular trends in pop music right now from stand out saxaphone solos, soulful runs, and hard dance beats. But years from now, lyrics about Instagram and #nofilter will no longer be relevant and will only become more annoying than they already are now. These songs feel more overproduced than anything else. Vocal runs are overused, too many musical elements are incorporated in every song, and the lyrics are nothing special.

All five girls have the voices of angels and I would have loved to see them strip their songs down to the basics and re-construct their lyrics to have more meaning behind them. The title Reflection feels so powerful and emotional and the songs just don’t live up to the name like they should. If you’ve ever watched Fifth Harmony’s covers on YouTube ( you would understand why I’m expecting so much more from them. But pop will be pop and there’s a 99.9% chance you will hear me singing “Sledgehammer” in the shower every now and then.


2.5 out of 5 dolphins