Praise and Worship

Amari Pollard '17, NEWS & FEATURES EDITOR

Before winter break Le Moyne’s Protestant Church put on a Fall Gospel Musical Concert where the Le Moyne and Syracuse communities happily came together to, as the theme said: “Rejoice in the Lord Always.”

The joy within the chapel that night was all encompassing, it was palpable—almost to the point where it felt impossible to contain your own amusement. Throughout the night people were standing and clapping and singing along to the excellent song selections. At one point freshman Morel Anderson was so taken by the energy in the room and the song being performed by Mt. Carmel 7th Day Church that she proudly got up out of her seat to stand with the choir and join in.

The night officially started with Minister Abe Dawson Jr. addressing the fifty or so people in the audience, and then the entertainment really began.

Le Moyne’s Praise & Worship team—which is known for performing during Sunday services and at events around campus—got the crowd going with “Take Me To The King” performed by freshmen Alice Olom, Tah’leece Williams and Autumn Kennedy with senior Aaron Fuller on the piano, senior Kemar Morrison on the bass, and fellow senior Nick Johnson on the drums.

Now if you have yet to see this group of incredibly talented students perform here on campus, you need to fix that…like immediately. Olom, who previously performed “Take Me To The King” at LSPB’s talent show back in November and won, has an effortless voice with a commanding undertone. And her sound was beautifully complemented by the soulful and soft voices of Williams and Kennedy.

The whole display was moving. From Morrison’s captivating mime dance, to Deliverance First Ministries’ performance, to the scripture readings, to Fr. Bucki’s closing remarks. And like he said, the Fall Gospel Music Concert was just a reminder of the spirit we should aim to spread daily: the spirit, the power and the presence of the Lord.

Sophomore and member of Le Moyne’s Praise and Worship team, Alex Williams, was excited that all the long nights practicing paid off.

“All of it was worth it when we put on a fantastic show and everyone performed wonderfully,” said Williams.

Make sure to catch the Le Moyne Praise & Worship team in action every Sunday in the Panasci Family Chapel at 3 pm.