Le Moyne Student Dance Company is ‘Raising the Barre’


Siobhan Shea ‘18, STAFF WRITER

The Le Moyne Student Dance Company (LSDC) will be holding its fall recital Nov. 20-22 at the Performing Arts Center. The show is entitled “Raising the Barre”.

“Raising the Barre” was “picked, because the company is taking this fall’s performance to a whole new level. The fall recital is filled with great dances. It is something you don’t want to miss.”, said Jenna Salvatore of Public Relations for LSDC.

As always, the entire recital is choreographed primarily by students. LSDC has sought to continue the variety of styles and genres of dance that will be performed, and, according to Salvatore, we can even expect some ballet. Sophomore and LSDC dancer, Elaina Hill, shared that they will be performing a few lyrical numbers, many of which include an array of emotions. After all, “dance is an emotion that’s in motion” stated Hill, “and there will be pieces that you really have to think about and interpret. We can also expect to see some upbeat jazz and tap numbers as well. Even better is that the LSDC will be dancing to music; however it is mainly popular songs. There is only one Christmas-esque song, so you will have to attend their winter recital for more of that.

As much of the recital is choreographed by other students, the process must be an interesting one. Salvatore describes it as “a process that needs attention.  As dancers and choreographers we practice for countless hours and put our whole hearts into every piece.” And the show could not go on without the enormous amounts of people working on it. “We honestly couldn’t do it without our executive board, Executive Director; Taylor Ingram, Head Choreographers: Brittany Taylor and Sarah Liberati, our Moderator: Kaelyn Rowley, as well as our amazing stage crew. We honestly couldn’t do it without them and we don’t thank them enough for it”; says Salvatore. Hill couldn’t agree more; according to her, as a dancer, “you really have to put in the effort and practice at home.”

This is true for many things, but one of the most touching things LSDC has witnessed, this semester especially, is the growth of  some of their dancers with lesser training, into beautiful, more attuned dancers. As Hill so eloquently stated, “we have watched some of our dancers who may not have been as affiliated with other companies in their past, learn and grow into better dancers through their experience this semester.” It’s safe to say that the ladies of LSDC have been working really hard to pull together this fall performance of “Raising the Barre”.

It comes as no surprise that LSDC’s performance of “Raising the Barre” will be the best show yet.  They have such talented dancers and choreographers this semester. Tickets are currently still on sale in the PAC office or box office. Hopefully we will meet you at the “barre” on Nov. 20, 21, and 22!