Our Favorite Funny Woman: Ellen

Mattea McDonald '18, STAFF WRITER

Ellen Degeneres is back and better than ever for the 12th season of her hit show, “Ellen”. During her two-day premiere episode, Ellen featured a few celebrity guests, including the coaches of ‘The Voice’, Kim Kardashian, and Iggy Azalea. In her opening segment, she joked that, because the show is 12 years old, the season would be “awkward, oily, and raging with hormones.” She also quickly gave away a vacation to Las Vegas to all the audience members.

In her interview with ‘The Voice’ coaches on day one of the premiere, the coaches played a drinking game where they had to test their knowledge about each other and answer personal questions. The twist? The only person drinking was country star, Blake Shelton. The coaches also joked about Gwen Stefani’s recent flub at the Emmy’s where she mispronounced Stephen Colbert’s name. Stefani explained that the script she was reading from had the phonetics printed for Colbert’s name, but her nerves were the cause of her mistake.

To close out the premiere episode, Maroon 5 performed their chart-topping hit ‘Maps’ and Ellen generously gave the audience members each a pair of tickets to the Maroon 5 show at The Forum.

In part two of her two-day premiere episode, she introduced Kim Kardashian and Iggy Azalea, joking that it would be a “big ass show”, a crack at both Azalea and Kardashian. She also joked that she had a small role in Nicki Minaj’s well-known video for Minaj’s new song ‘Anaconda.’

She then welcomed Kim Kardashian to set and spoke with her in an interview about the possibility of having more children. Kardashian admitted that, when taking care of her and her sister’s children, she realized how difficult it might be to have more than one child in the future. But, she explained that she would want her child, North West, to have siblings, so she is definitely not ruling it out.

They went on to discuss Kim’s marriage to famous rapper Kanye West and how they keep connected while West is on the road touring. They also spoke about Kardashian’s ritual of getting a spray tan and how she was caught naked by her little sister and the sister’s friends. Kardashian explained that she was mortified, and it was probably the most embarrassing moment of her life. Ellen then surprised Kardashian by forcing her to take the famous Internet crazed Ice Bucket Challenge, joking that Kim would have to get a fresh spray tan afterwards.

To close out the show, Ellen brought out Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora to perform their new hit song ‘Black Widow.’ The performance featured a live string orchestra and were accompanied by a ballet company.

“Ellen” has a bright season ahead of it this year full of laughs and even more generous giveaways from the host herself. It boasts more celebrity guests this week like Dax Shepard, Jason Segel, Ty Burrell, and Kaley Cuoco. Don’t miss out on the fun and tune in for a season that’s ready to top the rest! “The Ellen Degeneres Show” shows locally at 4pm every weekday.