Should we care about Destiny?


Andrew Carrigan '14, STAFF WRITER

Most gamers are probably excited to hear that Activision and Bungie are teaming up to make a new game. They are probably already putting aside a good sum of money to add this to their video game library. Now before you read further know that this is not a review of Destiny. Instead, these are my personal thoughts on what to expect from both companies.

I may sound ridiculous when I say this but this game to me is just a Halo remake. What I mean to say is that the makers of Call of Duty (Activation) are working with the makers of Halo (Bungie). In my personal opinion this game will just be two gigantic franchises making a game that most experienced gamers will know is just a knock off of Halo. New gamers will buy this game in record numbers and proclaim it as the greatest video game in history.

Why do I say this? I say this because Call of Duty has not really made a game that has been different in any capacity. Most gamers play the game for the multiplayer mode. I have yet to hear anyone talk about campaign mode since Call of Duty: World at War. Halo on the same token has pretty much been about the same story; Master Chief the sole protagonist fighting the convent, an alliance of a group of aliens bent on eradicating mankind.

What I am trying to express is that by purchasing this game you are telling these two video game giants that storyline does not matter and gameplay is the only thing that people want. Remember immensely popular games that have relied heavily on story? Games such as Bioshock, a game mainly played for the masterful storytelling in the dystopian world of rapture. Also Remember Fallout 3, a game that tells the story of a dystopian America where the entire world has seen the horrors of nuclear holocaust but has survived through the use of underground dwelling centers called “vaults.”

My main point is not to discourage people from buying Destiny, but to teach people that if you like games for their storytelling elements try to find franchises that create interesting worlds and do not just copy and paste the same story multiple times for a profit. If you do decide to ignore my warnings, buy this game, and then complain about it, remember me and keep in mind that you just bought a game for 60 plus dollars that was probably written on a napkin twenty minutes before the game was launched. Now, I know that sounds like a great exaggeration but decide for yourself if you think Destiny will actually have a unique story or just be the next retelling of Halo with the multiplayer features of Call of Duty.