Dolphin Den-A restaurant review by someone who digs food


By Maureen Compoli ‘11, Staff Writer

By Maureen Compoli ‘11

Welcome back my people! And welcome Le Moyne College class of 2018. You don’t know me, but each week I shall be bringing you my opinions (and I have several) on the best food in and around town. Last semester I kicked it all off by beginning with a review on our Den. So, in keeping with tradition I thought I would re-review the Den for you all as they have come out with something that is absolutely delicious—HOT BOWLS.

These delectable bowls are filled with tasty delights that will rival any Chinese take-out. I promise you this. The bowls come in a variety of savory flavors: chicken teriyaki, spicy chicken teriyaki, orange chicken, sesame chicken, and a Japanese Yakisoba Noodle Bowl. Also, new this year is veggie spring rolls! All we need now are fortune cookies and you never have to leave campus for decent Chinese takeout again, I’m telling you.  As a side note: fortune cookies were invented in the U.S..

Anyway, these new hot bowls come with your choice of fried or steamed rice. I got the sesame chicken with steamed rice. The rice was hot, fresh and fluffy (I would normally go for the fried rice but I’m trying to be good, Lord help me). Atop the righteous rice were tender pieces of chicken enrobed in the savory sesame sauce. The sauce is not heavy and the chicken was not too overdone. The colors within the bowl were beautiful and bright. In and around the bowl are warm, crisp pieces of fresh green, red, yellow, and orange bell peppers coupled with sautéed onion slices.

              The vegetable spring roll I got was freshly cooked and full of flavor. I am not a fan of MSG as it gives me a tummy ache and I did not experience said tummy ache so we can go ahead and assume that MSG is not part of the recipes used for the veggie rolls. Just to be safe, as always, inquire if you have any food allergies. The folks at the Dolphin Den are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met and I’ve known lots of folks in my day.

Also remember that Dolphy Dollars are accepted at the Den. I want to again take this opportunity to welcome you all back. As you approach your new semester with both barrels, remember our motto: stressed spelled backward is desserts!