“The Amazing Spider-man 2” massively underwhelms


Matthew Clark, Sports Editor

I wanted to like this movie. I really, really did. You could see all the ways the pieces might fit together. Marvel Comics has been on an incredible hot streak this decade without a blemish on its resume…but now we have this.

To start, Andrew Garfield continuing his role as Peter Parker falls into a strange syndrome where he is full of jokes while inside his suit but turns sour outside of it. Perhaps it’s because he realizes that the villains in the movie aren’t even worth caring about.

The overqualified Jamie Foxx stars as Electro, formerly Max Dillon, an OSCORP scientist who no one bothers paying attention to until he falls into a tank of electric eels to gain his powers. If this sounds similar to the origin of Mr. Freeze from “Batman and Robin,” it’s because they are basically the same exact character. Electro even finds time to spit out puns the same way Freeze did. After receiving rave reviews as Django in 2012’s “Django Unchained,” Foxx mails this in and is shown in the end credits laughing his way to the bank. Not really, but you could certainly picture it.

Emma Stone returns as Parker’s primary love interest Gwen Stacy. Given that Garfield and Stone are a couple outside of the film, it’s easy to see the chemistry they share; but here, little between them actually clicks. Stone is the next Julia Roberts; she can do so much better than this.

Parker spends a large portion of the film trying to piece together the mystery surrounding his parents’ death. While doing so, he encounters his old friend Harry Osborn, who is appointed the CEO of OSCORP following the death of his father. A falling out between the two leads Osborn to being transformed into the Green Goblin. Seeing the makeup and prosthetics used to create this rendition of the Goblin makes one really long for the glory days of Willem Dafoe’s cackle from inside his Goblin suit.

Being that this is the fifth Spider-man film in the last 12 years, it is fair to reason that the creative juices to spin a new story are starting to expire in a hurry. The loose ends that are left in the end infer that a third “Amazing Spider-man” will be on its way. Hopefully director Marc Webb takes note of all the flaws of this film and does a complete overhaul for the next edition. It sure needs it.

2 out of 5 Dolphins