Cam’s Pizzeria : A restaurant review by someone who digs food

Cam’s Pizzeria : A restaurant review by someone who digs food

Maureen Compoli, Staff Writer

As my final review for this semester I wanted to share with you my personal experience with Cam’s Pizza. It’s rather difficult to admit but I think we’ve known each other long enough that I can confide to you this secret of mine.

O.k. here it goes. I’m in love with Cam’s cheeseburger pizza.  We’ve been carrying on for some time now, Cam and I. When he breaks out that za with the pickles, mustard and ketchup, I get all floopy. I’m completely under his spell or really the spell of the pizza pie. The cheese is thick and gooey. The way he spirals that mustard and ketchup drizzle, then when these best friend-condiments are warmed on top of the cheese along with the dill pickle slices, it’s like Heinz and French’s discovered the secret to the fountain of youth.

All the elements of a cheeseburger are within and on this pizza. You may guffaw, but before you do, take a stroll over to the Plaza and try this on for size. The weather should break within oh, five months or so and you can walk amongst the violets and daffodils, skipping and smiling with a slice of cheeseburger pizza in each hand.

But before you skip on out, go ahead and get some dessert from Cam’s. They have half-moon cookies, cannoli’s and Italian cookies that would even make my Gramma Chicky proud.  I mean, I realize that immediately to the left of Cam’s is a commercial baked goods supply chain, but Cam’s sweets puts that joint to shame.

I want to wish you all the best in your future endeavors whether it be grad school, job search, marriage, children or continuing as a dolphin. Remember our motto[s]: For a short time you were a dolphin, and stressed spelled backward is desserts.