Neil Gaiman is coming…and you should be there!


Andrea Mangione '14, Contributing Writer

He’s had a hand in writing novels, short stories, comics, graphic novels, and audio books as well as films, television shows, and theater productions. He’s won some of the most prestigious awards for his works: Hugo, Nebula, Bram Stoker, Newbery Medal, and Carnegie Medal.

And he’s coming to Syracuse this April. You’re invited, and you should go.

Neil Gaiman—an author, among many other things—will be visiting Syracuse as part of the nationally-acclaimed Rosamond Gifford Lecture Series on Tuesday, April 29. His lecture will be at the Crouse-Hinds Theater—Mulroy Civic Center at 7:30 p.m., and is sure to be one of the most entertaining speakers you’ll see. He’s anything but the boring, monotonous authors that come to mind when students hear the phrase “author lecture.”

You may know him best for his comic book series ‘The Sandman’, or for his novels ‘Stardust’, ‘American Gods’, ‘The Graveyard Book’ or the recent novel-turned-movie ‘Coraline’. Maybe you’re one of his astonishing 1.97 million followers on Twitter, attracted to his page by the bio that reads “Will eventually grow up. Until then, will keep making things up and writing them down.” Even if you don’t know him or his works well, you should make the trip to see him speak.

Neil Gaiman is for everyone. His career began in British journalism, though he knew his writing could be so much more than just factual. Once he began penning his own works he found a voice so engaging that fans of all genres and ages began to assemble, which is part of the reason he has an almost cult-like following. He’s written novels for adults, young adults and children, and has found success in all of them despite being told that some of his children’s books may have been too dark for his target audience. Because of this success, he has been able to write screenplays—he even wrote an episode of ‘Doctor Who’ —and has had his works transformed into films and, soon, an HBO series. Anyone from readers to film or comic book junkies can find something to like about Gaiman and his works.

Whether you’re a Neil Gaiman fanatic or just interested in him as a person, you should go to see him speak on Tuesday, April 29. You can get tickets (with special student pricing!) at or by visiting It’s a great opportunity to see such a highly awarded and entertaining international personality so close to home, and will be an experience you won’t forget.