Movie madness this November


Abigail Adams '16, Arts and Leisure Editor

Now that the summer nights are behind us, the best thing to do on a chilly night is to catch a new movie with some family and friends. Thankfully, November offers us some interesting and new movies that everyone is sure to enjoy.

“The Book Thief” [November 8]

This movie takes place in World War II Germany as a young girl is learning how to live with her new adoptive parents. Not only does she have a knack for stealing books, but she also has to learn how to keep secrets from everyone around her. “The Book Thief” looks like a heartwarming tale about family, loyalty and love. A movie fit for the whole family.


“The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” [November 22]

Katniss is back in the game again alongside her partner Peeta as they try to survive the hatred thrown at them from the overbearing Captiol. The trailer gives us a lot of action, drama, adventure and even a little romance. Fans of the book series will surely be lining up for this one.


“Delivery Man” [November 22]

Vince Vaughn plays a man who realizes he has fathered 533 children, through a fertility clinic several years ago. His story is played out as he makes the decision to reveal who he is to his “children,” or to not reveal himself. Vaughn’s quick witted comedy is back on the big screen again.


“Frozen” [November 29]

Yes, this is an animated movie, and I am a sucker for a good Disney movie. After the kingdom becomes completely frozen in winter weather, a girl named Anna tries to find her way to her evil sister who is wreaking havoc on the land. Add in a funny snowman and lots of slippery ice and you’ve got yourself another perfectly made animated film.