Kings with a story


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Abigail Adams ‘16, Arts and Lesiure Editor

I recently watched a music documentary on the rock group, Kings of Leon, called “Talihina Sky.” Even though this was released in late 2011, I had always wanted to watch it, and finally rented it on iTunes this past week. I’ve seen many music documentaries, and this was definitely one of the best.

Right when the movie starts, you can feel the sense of small town atmosphere that these boys grew up with. Through snapshots of old pictures littered with dirty faces, bare feet and lots of joking around, these kids were wild. We get a clear introduction to most of the family members and what their take is on the boys now. You can see the smile of the family members faces when they talk about Kings of Leon being on TV or playing at big stadiums.

“Talihina Sky” shows you an in-depth look into Kings of Leon’s religious life and how strict their parents were when the boys were younger. We see the struggle the young kids faced in dealing with their religious practices and how at peace they are now with it.

During this film, you also see the truth behind their musical beginnings. Through a haze of cigarette smoke and dingy long hair, you realize how Kings of Leon became the rock legends that they are today – from rocking small venues to selling out stadiums.

If you didn’t already know, lead singer/guitarist Caleb Followill, bassist Jared Followill and drummer/ back up vocalist Nathan Followill are all brothers, while guitarist Matthew Followill is their cousin. As most people know, along with family comes arguments, and that’s exactly what you see through some of this documentary. Lots of swearing and yelling plague these men as they try to work in the studio and live on their tour bus, especially when drinking is involved.

Near the end of the documentary, we see how they interact with their family now and how humble and down-to-earth they are. Attending the Grammy’s and playing for thousands doesn’t stop Kings of Leon from cracking jokes with their uncles and playing horseshoes in the backyard. Seeing Caleb, Jared, Nathan and Matthew in their natural element really gives you a clear indication of how humble they are and how grateful they are to still be making music today.

Now, in 2013, all of the guys are married and some even have children. They are now busy endorsing their sixth studio album “Mechanical Bull,” which came out this past Tuesday. They are also still reeling off their incredible iTunes Festival performance in London from a couple of weeks ago.

The southern kings are back!