Monae’s electric album


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Abigail Adams ‘16, Arts and Leisure Editor

3 out of 5 dolphins

Janelle Monae has always been known for her classy style and mad singing talent. Her new album “Electric Lady” topped number five on the iTunes charts the day it debuted. One very consistent trait of Monae is how she keeps her R&B/Soul sound, no matter what she does. She has some interesting collaborations on the first part of her album that kick off her groovy sound.

“Q.U.E.E.N,” “Electric Lady”, and “We Were Rock n’ Roll” all have a 70’s retro dance feel to them, along with extraordinarily catchy rhythms and pop-esque lyrics.

Miguel strikes again on this record by making a smooth entrance into the song, “PrimeTime” which has a slower beat to it that could easily rock you to sleep. Using lyrics like “Cause baby it’s a primetime for our love/ain’t nobody peekin’ but the stars above,” both Monae and Miguel tell the story of an unstoppable true love.

Some tracks on this album are straight from a time capsule. “Look Into My Eyes” and “Suite V: Electric Overture” are filled with many strings and classic harmonies echoing throughout every verse. Both tracks sound like they popped straight out of a Doris Day musical. I think it is fascinating how Monae creates such old-fashioned songs.

Track 15 called “Victory” has a sort of “TLC” circa 1993 beat to it mixed with Monae’s soaring vocals and impressive voice range. This song makes you want to sit in a coffee shop and relax for the day.

The last song on the album “What An Experience” is filled with life lessons and relaxed vocals. “But the memories come home/Yeah they do” This song almost serves as an inspirational dedication to life itself.

Janelle Monae will continue to tread on her steady musical path. I would have loved to see a little more diversity in her songs and mixing of genres, but overall she delivers a catchy, soulful album for the world to hear.