A debut to DEBUT!

A debut to DEBUT!

Courtesy of clashmusic.com

Abigail Adams '16, Arts and Leisure Editor

Oh you know, the usual, just a couple Englishmen stealing our hearts and ears again. The band, The 1975 has quickly come onto the music scene with their edgy, provocative lyrics and rock and roll/bad boy image. Their debut-self titled album dropped this week and is already at #11 on the iTunes top album charts.

With a jam-packed 16-song track list, one of the stand out singles on this album is “Sex.” Shredding guitars and a whiny voice [courtesy of Matthew Healy] bring you into a trance as he tells a racy story of two people who shouldn’t be together, but just can’t resist it. One of the most unique traits about this band is the simplicity in their lyrics that can evoke so much emotion. Right near the end, the song just goes into a straight rock jam that goes perfectly hand-in-hand with the theme of the song; young teen angst.

Halfway through the album you’ll hear “Settle Down” a sort of retro pop tune. This song reminds me of the band Two Door Cinema Club due to the beachy sound and light lyrics. Another couple is talked about in this song; “We get back to my house/your arms/my mouth…” as the words effortlessly escape Healy’s mouth

This album is filled with young love and inspiration from the little things in life. The smooth guitars and steady drum could make you dance all day.

When The 1975 released their IV-EP in May of this year, one of the stand out tracks was “The City” [which is also on the debut album]. “Yeah you wanna find love then you know where the city is” is the perfect theme to set up this song. The song talks about opportunities and certain anger towards those opportunities, and a steady drum beat sets you up for a sharp listen.

This band mixes rock ‘n’ roll with alternative synths and intoxicating lyrics so perfectly, I could listen to the entire album forever. If you are dying to catch them live [like I am] they are going on tour this fall. The 1975 has a lot more to come, and I’m sure it will be blissful to watch.