Introducing, The Overnighters!

Introducing, The Overnighters!

Abigail Adams

Rob McCall, 19, and Jake Toscano, 20, make up the band The Overnighters. This duo is more in the singer/songwriter genre and delivers some very impressive lyrics. Toscano and McCall are fresh off their 3-song EP recorded in a friends recording studio and are ready for their big break any day now. Both guys are from Baldwinsville, N.Y. They started a friendship back in their Crayola days and are now sophomores living together at Le Moyne, creating their own music. Both Toscano and McCall compare their music to John Mayer, because of the guitar-driven melodies.

The idea to form a band started when McCall’s guitar teacher suggested that he and Toscano should write and play some songs together, which turned into the beginning of “The Overnighters.”

As far as the creative process goes, Toscano and McCall both contribute lyrics to the songs, while Toscano tends bring the guitar parts to life. From there, they both work on making the song what they want it to be.

With inspiration from Ben Howard, City and Colour, and John Mayer, Toscano and McCall have a serious niche for admirable music. They don’t have a huge repertoire yet, but they’re working on it. Their favorite song to play at the moment is their newest hit, called “Emerson Street,” which has a very inspiring message. Toscano said most of his inspiration is from sort of the “what ifs” in life. On the other hand, McCall said most of his brainstorming comes from Philosophy books that he is reading.

As best friends, these two really enjoy being in the band together. McCall said the best part is “ust making the music.” Toscano added that, for him, the highlight is “just to play our music and have people say they like it.” With endless support from each of their families, these two definitely know what is most important about being in a band.

Be sure to take a moment to check out this band and show your support. This year, you can expect more live shows and potentially even a full-length album from The Overnighters by the end of summer.


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