Devoted to her sound

Abigail Adams

Newcomer Jessie Ware’s debut album, “Devotion,” definitely defines who she is as an artist. Her music seems to have many different influences, especially R&B and electronic pop. Ware gives fans a 12-track album with some sounds we may have never heard before.

Jessie Ware’s voice is like a cross between pop icon Katy Perry and crooning Alicia Keys. She has the tone of Perry, but with the range and attitude of Keys. On the album, I noticed a couple songs that were very R&B driven, like: “Swan Song,” “If You’re Never Gonna Move,” which also has a hip-hop style to it that is sung with effortless perfection, and “Taking In Water,” which is filled with lush emotions and stands out as a modern hit on the album.

The song “Wildest Moments” is, without a doubt, the most popular track on the album. With a maddeningly repetitive drum beat and elegant piano keys, Ware sweeps you away with a potpourri of uplifting lyrics. “Baby in our wildest moments/ we could be the greatest/ we could be the greatest” are sung almost like an ancient poem.

Tracks like, “Something Inside” and “No To Love” seem to be alternatively/singer-songwriter driven. Ware’s precious lyrics are sung so fluently, it almost puts you in a trance. Most of the songs on the album are incredibly smooth and almost flow seamlessly as one long song. “No To Love” has recurring lyrics that get old after a couple listens and “Something Inside” seems to have many different genres involved that is tied together with archaic violins and overlapping never-ending harmonies.

“I don’t know if this is wrong/but it’s encrypt into my mind/I don’t know if this is love/but I think it’s worth a try” are sung in a whisper-like voice by Ware on the song “Imagine It Was Us.” This track belongs in a fashion show as women in feather boas strut down the runway or on an episode of “Sex and the City.” The whole song is very very reminiscent of a young Madonna back in the day. It has that old steady beat with synthesizer-like sounds that seem to glide along with the question-driven lyrics.

The definition of “devotion” is a profound dedication. Ware knows exactly how to stay true to her sound. This album is not for everyone but, even though I think “Devotion” could have been a lot better, I’m glad that Ware stuck with her unique sound.


4 out of 5 dolphins


Tracks to buy: “Wildest Moments” and “Taking In Water”