Tell the whole “Neighborhood” about these guys

Abigail Adams, Staff Writer

I am so glad I stumbled upon “The Neighbourhood” on iTunes – not to mention their debut album called “I Love You,” which was just released on April 19. With Kings of Leon-esque soaring guitars and a hip-hop pulsating beat, thy have a very refreshing sound.

The lead single off the album is “Afraid,” which sounds like a Linkin Park song. The song has an extremely contagious chorus, and the bass in the song is pulsating and sick. The lyrics seem to be dealing with feelings of fear and loneliness: “If you leave me then I’ll be afraid of everything/that makes me anxious/gives me patience/calms me down.” I can understand why people are downloading this song; it is very addicting.

“I hate the beach/but I stand in California with my toes in the sand/use the sleeves on my sweater.” The song “Sweater Weather” has very picturesque lyrics that you will immediately start imagining in your head. With the steady beat, alt- guitar riffs, and sweetly sung words, this track has it all. “Sweater Weather” takes you on a short love-story adventure.

“Let It Go” is a darker song with a powerful message. The hip-hop beats are in full force along with very smooth, almost-rap singing from the lead singer, Jesse Rutherford. After a while, though, the track does become a little repetitive, because the chorus is so short. The hip-hop really adds a cool element to the song, as a whole.

Every song on the album is very heavy with lyrics. I think it is important for bands to take the time to make the lyrics actually mean something. The Neighbourhood has an impressive way of writing lyrics that you could picture yourself saying in a conversation – using down-to-earth, poetic phrases.

Some of the songs on “I Love You.” sound similar, but they all deliver very realistic messages. The Neighbourhood has some of almost every genre mixed in their music; hip-hop beats, alternative guitars, rap-like vocals, electronic synths and gorgeous lyrics. I recommend this band to anyone who enjoys a different quality of music.


4 out of 5 Dolphins


Tracks to purchase: “Sweater Weather,” “Afraid” and “Alleyways”