“The 20/20 Experience:” JT is bringing soul back!

Abigail Adams, Staff Writer

Justin Timberlake has finally returned! I have to say, Timberlake’s comeback album could be a big Grammy winner next year. He seems to have found the type of music that suits him perfectly. As a big Justin Timberlake fan from the beginning, I could not be happier with his direction for this album, “The 20/20 Experience.”

A ‘20s jazzy, sultry intro leads us into JT’s new masterpiece of a record. “Pusher Love Girl” is first up on the track list, keeping a steady beat filled with ancient trumpets and elegant guitar vibes. Timberlake’s smooth lyrics will sweep you off your feet into an addicting retro journey through the whole song.

One of my favorite attributes of Timberlake is the way he creates bridges in every track. He knows how to make you feel the transitions in every song from his maddeningly sweet falsetto and on-point voice riffs. Not only does he manage a beautiful, musically-inclined song but he can expand his songs to lengths of seven or eight minutes while still keeping the listener’s attention.

“Suit & Tie,” the first single off the album, has done some serious damage on the music charts. When this song was first released, I was in shock: it was the old JT I remembered singing along to, but it was also a new JT loaded with swooning vocals and a fresh big band sound. As if the song couldn’t get any better, Jay-Z makes a quick cameo with his classic refined rap style backed up by Justin’s crooning tone. Hearing these two together, they could easily be the next peanut butter and jelly.

“Don’t Hold the Wall” brings an eclectic Indian sound, mixed with producer Timbaland’s trademark pounding beats. The song sounds like something you would hear at an underground tango dance club complete with red flamenco dresses while JT sings into a vintage standing microphone.

“Strawberry Bubblegum” is calmer but retains the zesty pop beats heard in every Timberlake song. JT’s falsetto takes the front seat here; the song is one of the album’s slower tracks, but it has a hidden true love element that keeps you listening.

“Tunnel Vision” and “Spaceship Coupe” seem reminiscent of Timberlake’s “Future Sex/Love Sounds” album, with metaphorical lyrics and a slight hip-hop beat that replays in your head over and over in the most perfect way.

JT has also brought the fun back: the song “Let the Groove Get In” reminds me of a Caribbean/pop/hip-hop/new age tune. It’s bursting at the seams with an array of instruments, plus Timberlake retains his incredible sense of rhythm that makes the words completely fit with the “Groove” of the song.

“Mirrors” is definitely one of my favorite songs off of the album. The song is filled with so much love, it practically jumps out at you: “I don’t wanna lose you now/I’m looking right at the other half of me.” Lyrically, this track is one of the most exquisite Timberlake songs I have ever listened to. Near the end of the song (which runs just over eight minutes), you can’t help but almost fall into a trance; the melody is so catchy and the lyrics beg to be sung.

The 10-song album comes to a close with “Blue Ocean Floor,” which has a different alternative vibe to it that blends in between Timberlake’s flawless vocals. It is hands-down one of the prettiest songs on the album and comes off as the ultimate closure to such an enchanting new chapter in Justin Timberlake’s music career.

I couldn’t be more excited about “The 20/20 Experience.” Justin Timberlake is truly giving the music industry a fabulous gift this week and I hope everyone can enjoy it!


5 Dolphins out of 5


Tracks to download: All of them.