“Loved” is exactly how JJ Heller makes you feel

Abigail Adams, Staff Writer

“It is my hope and prayer that my songs will somehow speak to my listeners and bring them hope, peace and inspiration.” So says JJ Heller (on her YouTube Vevo page), and it’s absolutely true. Heller is a singer/songwriter I had never heard of before and I’m glad I finally found her (although her music is not for everyone, because of its slow and steady pace). The greatest thing about her newest album, “Loved,” is that every song has a fantastic underlying message and theme to it.

The album starts out with the song “If You Fall,” sung like a prayer and filled with piano and strings that make a phenomenal homage to true love. The lyrics focus in on how love is about togetherness and always being there for each other: “If you fall I fall with you/if you hurt/I feel it too/even if my heart turns black and blue.”

“For You” has a brighter beat to it, but keeps Heller’s whispery Christina Perri-esque voice. The track is another dedication to love: “As long as I can breathe/my heart will beat for you.” Heller tops it off with her classic soothing guitar, piano and light drums.

“Don’t let them shut you down/you are loved.” You can’t get any more uplifting than that. These lyrics come from one of my favorite songs on the album, the titular track “Loved.” With this song (and this album as a whole), I can’t help but think about how much Heller is impacting her female fanbase with the message of loving yourself, no matter what. This theme will never get old and needs to be sung about more and more. She does an amazing job of making you feel “loved” after just listening to this hymn.

Near the end of the album is a track entitled “Who You Are.” Painfully gorgeous is the only way I can describe it. The song tells two different stories about losing someone you love that will surely leave you with tears in your eyes.

The album “Loved” goes over many life themes: Loss, love, true love, broken love, character, pain and just about every other emotion you can think of. There wasn’t one song I didn’t like, even though most of the songs seem to have a similar sound. It’s one of the most calming albums I have ever listened to and there is nothing wrong with that.


5 Dolphins out of 5.


Tracks to download: “If You Fall,” “Loved” and “Who You Are”