Fall Out Boy has returned from the dark

Abigail Adams, Staff Writer

Remember going to those awkward middle school dances where Fall Out Boy was always on the playlist? Well, they’re back with their classic long song titles and edgy tunes. Fall Out Boy’s new single, “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up),” was released on Feb. 5.

This song starts out with some clapping, drumming, chanting of “woah” and some heavy guitar. Lead singer Patrick Stump brings back his classic Fall Out Boy punk voice; he really shows off his range in the chorus, screaming almost like a young Steven Tyler.

The track definitely seems to have a very somber tone to it. With lyrics like “I’m in the details with the devil/I’m a young lover’s rage,” the song seems to portray hints of anger, betrayal and even a loss of innocence.

Although the song has many dark elements to it, Fall Out Boy has really stuck to their roots with catchy songs and heavy guitar. They seem to have evolved from their old punk/alternative sound to more of a modern rock sound. This single proves that they are mature and ready for a comeback.

It’s been a few years since Fall Out Boy has given us any new material. I was hoping for more of an uplifting, positive song, but I do appreciate that they have stuck to their signature straightforward lyrics. From what I’ve heard through social media, many fans are ecstatic about Fall Out Boy’s new material and their return to the music scene.

Fall Out Boy’s new album, “Save Rock And Roll,” will drop May 6.