Tegan and Sara fill us with “Heart”

Abigail Adams, Staff Writer


Tegan and Sara have just released their first album since 2009, “Heartthrob.” The CD proves itself, living up to its name with passion and sentimental emotion conveyed in each song.

The first single, “Closer,” is the big dance song of the album. Tegan and Sara chose wisely when picking this song to be the first single because it has every essential pop element. “Closer” starts out with some synthesizer action, which continues throughout the song leading up to the pounding chorus that you can’t help but embarrassingly belt in the car (guilty). This song shows that Tegan and Sara are back in the game!

“Heartthrob” is a pop album, but with better lyrics and more unusual rhythms than the average pop album. A lot of the songs on this album are very upbeat, such as “Goodbye Goodbye,” “Drove Me Wild” and “I Couldn’t Be Your Friend.” There seems to be a little ‘80s pop throughout some of these songs with a beachy guitar vibe alongside vigorous shakes of a tambourine. Beware: you could catch yourself dancing on your bed in your pajamas like in a Taylor Swift video.

There are also some beautiful songs, with inspiring lyrics that can speak to almost anyone. “I’m Not Your Hero” has some amazing lyrics including, “Sometimes it feels like the side that I’m on plays the toughest hand/holds the longest stand.” I take this song to be saying that life is not easy, and nobody’s perfect – something everyone can understand.

Another track with excellent lyrics is “Love They Say.” It has a evocative concept that intertwines a low key and pretty tone with lyrics that include all the cliches said of love. “Love/they say it heals all wounds/Love removes the hurt in you … Love they say that it is blind.”

Overall, I’m very impressed with this album. Tegan and Sara’s sound has gone from alternative to pop, but they seem to have held on to their well-written lyrics and catchy melodies. If you ever get a chance to see them live, I highly suggest it. I saw and met them back in 2010 and they were just as good live as they are on a CD. If you feel like jamming to a cool new pop record, I highly suggest “Heartthrob”.


4 Dolphins out of 5


Tracks to Download: “I Was a Fool,” “Now I’m All Messed Up.”

Tracks to Avoid: “Goodbye, Goodbye,” “I’m Not Your Hero,” “Shock to Your System.”