What the Tech?! 2013 Tech predictions

Brandt Ranj, Opinion Editor

While rooting around in my attic over break, I found an ancient orb that allowed me to see into the future. “8-Ball” was its name, I think. So before I destroyed it (one can’t know too much about the future; it isn’t proper), I asked it some questions about what will happen in the world of tech in 2013. Its answers have been editorialized by yours truly, but are unaltered from their original conjured state.

The Surface Pro tablet will prove unsuccessful. The Surface RT hasn’t broken any sales records and the reviews have been middling, though it is a 1.0 product and deserves a bit of slack. The Surface Pro, Microsoft’s premium laptop-tablet, will be released on Feb. 8, for the price of $899. While the price is reasonable based on what you’re getting, the price is steep nonetheless. The average consumer might not understand the concept and may ultimately choose a cheap laptop and tablet, as the two separately could prove less expensive.

Google will finally release pure Android on more than one device, ending total fragmentation. This is more of a pipe dream, but the 8-ball was adamant that this would happen. For those unhip with the situation, the Android operating system on Android phones is loaded with proprietary software based on the device and carrier. These pre-installed apps cannot be deleted without the arduous task of “rooting” ones device, a task requiring a fair amount of technical know-how. This is true for all but one device per year. Titled the “flagship” phone for that year, owners of that handset will glean all the benefits of the latest version of the Android operating system without any pre-installed unnecessary software. Here’s to hoping more users of the platform gain that luxury in 2013.

Tablets will outsell laptops and desktops. While this may sound a bit daunting at first, hear the 8-ball out a minute. How badly do you really need a computer? If all you’re into is media consumption, word processing and web surfing, then in all likelihood you no longer require a full-sized computer. Tablets are lightweight and in 2013, will become even more high-powered. Whether your bag is the iPad or Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, the ubiquity of the internet has made this a viable solution. For some, the transition may take years, as old habits are hard to break. For many, though, 2013 may become the Year of the Tablet.

Apple will release a new product. Some of you might be staring at the paper scoffing, “of course they will you fool. They do every year!” Untrue. Apple, and every other tech company refreshes their products every year, but a new product hasn’t been announced by the boys from Cupertino since the iPad (almost three years since this date of publication).

Sure, they’ve added some awesome bells and whistles to their existing lines, but nothing truly new. While no other tech company can claim to have kicked off the smartphone and tablet renaissance we’re currently experiencing, it’s Apple’s rapid succession of hits that’s leaving some waiting for the next revolution. Television, car, dance technique, whatever it is-hopefully, it’ll rock the world in 2013.