Twihards cry hard


Nicole Albrigo, Staff Writer

The end has come for the popular movie series, “The Twilight Saga.” While some think that this is upsetting, others think it’s amazing. Regardless, the series’ fan community of “Twihards,” gathered at 10 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 15 to see the franchise off with the release of “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.”

Since the release of the first “Twilight” film in 2008, the main question was “Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?” However, after the events of the first two installments, in which vampires and werewolves become allies in order to fight against the higher authorities of the vampire world, there has only been confusion within the debate of which “team” fans supported.

Fans appear to be largely in agreement as to which version of the “Twilight” story they preferred; many say that the books were better whereas the movies were hit or miss. Nonetheless, the premiers of these films draw a huge crowd every year.

For its big screen adaptation, Stephenie Meyer’s novel, “Breaking Dawn,” was broken up into two parts which were released roughly a year apart from one another. Many, myself included, were confused as to where the text would be split up in order to divide the story’s events evenly between two movies.

The thing about premiers is it’s not just about the actual movie; it’s about the fans that dedicate their entire night to waiting in line just to get a good seat. Then, once the movie starts, shrieks escape from the mouths of overeager fans. The actions scenes in “Breaking Dawn – Part Two” were so intense that some audience members were literally gasping. “I don’t remember this in the book!” was a common exclamation during the screening that I attended. After the movie, people were blown away and it took a few seconds to regroup their thoughts.

“Breaking Dawn – Part 1” included the marriage of Edward and Bella, who miraculously became pregnant with a child which put the entire Cullen family in danger. At the end of the previous film, Bella gave birth to half-vampire, half-human daughter, Renesmee, whose birth triggers the Volturi, an antagonistic clan of vampires, to hunt down the Cullen family and their “immortal” child in the final movie. The way in which the events unfold will make your jaw drop.

The filmmakers do an excellent job of sticking to the book without going off track. However, the way in which the films/ novels are set up, it’s definitely a good idea to refresh your memory of the first four installments, as some characters appear in “Part 2” that were only mentioned previously. Even I, someone that’s read all of the books and seen all of the movies, may be confused with some of the small supporting characters.

The action scenes are, unfortunately, the best scenes in the whole movie. Acting-wise, Kristin Stewart is slightly better than she was in the previous movies, however, I wouldn’t call her a stellar actress. Robert Pattinson and Taylor Launter, on the other hand, are decent. A few scenes feature poor acting, but overall, the performances aren’t as bad as they were in the first four.

While the lead characters aren’t that great, a few of the supporting actors are spectacular. For example, the whole Volturi coven is excellent. Dakota Fanning, who only has a small role as Jane, is very good.

Other than the song that Edward writes for Bella (which has appeared in every installment), all of the music is different. The songs used during both the emotional and action scenes make the scenes better and more suspenseful. The special effects of the werewolves are excellent; it still amazes me how life-like they are. Another admirable scene involves the earth cracking, the way it was filmed makes you believe you’re actually there. But the whole “vampires sparkling in sunlight” concept is lost in this movie; there are a few scenes where Edward should “sparkle,” yet doesn’t.

Can you believe vampires and werewolves have been popular for the last five years? “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” has its highs and lows for sure. Seeing as the whole “I love vampires” phase is fizzling out, “Breaking Dawn- Part 2” is definitely a way to wrap up the vampire theme many girls have been obsessing over for years.

Just a tip, don’t wait until the credits are over, there’s nothing there.


3 Dolphins out of 5