Don’t you worry, Swedish House Mafia’s last album is a keeper


Abigail Adams, Staff Writer


Swedish House Mafia’s final album together is called “Until Now.” That’s right, the electro-pop group is calling it quits after this album.

“Until Now” starts off with the extremely powerful “Don’t You Worry Child,” which features strong and spiritual lyrics: “My father said/don’t you worry/don’t you worry child/see heaven’s got a plan for you…” The song becomes increasingly powerful with electronic sounds and mixes that are very in tune with the music you hear on today’s radio stations. You can’t help but want to jump and dance around your dorm room to this song.

Another great track on this album is “Calling (Lose my Mind),” with OneRepublic front man Ryan Tedder singing a beautiful melody with dance beats thrashing in the background. The song seems to be about needing to be with someone and knowing you’d go crazy without them. It’s done using well-written lyrics, including “Maybe heaven right now is a devil or angel away…/together we vow that our colors will sparkle the faith/ and I will find you/I will find you/I will reach you/or I will lose my mind…” This track was also featured on season two of the MTV show “Teen Wolf” a few months ago, garnering some attention and popularity. “Calling (Lose my Mind)” is definitely one song to purchase.

“The Island” is another very catchy track from the album, even though it barely has any lyrics other than “What are you waiting for?” You still can’t help but sing along to the pounding electric beats and bop your head to the music as it plays on repeat.

The three DJs that make up this group have a special way of mixing meaningful lyrics and crushing electronic pop/dance beats together to make the perfect combination. Nearly every track on the album has a featured artist or DJ on it to show the variety of sounds/mixes Swedish House Mafia can conquer. They definitely deliver in their last album. The album also has a deluxe version with 23 songs, just enough for a fun dance party with your friends. I believe the main goal of this group is to make people of all ages follow the beat of their songs and feel the passion of the music in their heart.

Fans of Swedish House Mafia use the slogan “We came, we raved, we loved.” After listening to this whole album, “We bought, we danced, we loved” might make more sense.


4 out of 5 Dolphins