Student of the Week: Kelsey Woodrick


Brandt Ranj, Opinion Editor


Nacho lover, rugby player, culture freak. None of these attributes may be immediately recognizable upon seeing current LSPB co-chair Kelsey Woodrick, but all three are accurate.

With graduation approaching in the near future, senior English major (with a concentration in literature) and anthropology minor Woodrick’s response regarding the immediate future was different than the responses typically heard in hushed tones around campus.

“I’m hopefully going to Thailand next year,” Woodrick said. “I’m applying for a Fulbright English teaching assistantship/fellowship, so if I get accepted, which is really tough, I’ll be in Thailand for a year to teach English.”

Being the co-head of one of the largest groups on campus, Woodrick’s positivity and professionalism were evident regarding LSPB’s strategy for the upcoming year.

“We’re hoping to have a great year for LSPB, specifically with attendance at our events,” she said. “So what we’re trying to do is see what type of events different groups of people enjoy on campus and targeting those types of events.”

One particular event idea is a night involving the popular social network Pinterest, in which folks would do crafts they would normally see on the site. This event is aimed at the DIY demographic on campus and shows that LSPB is aiming to find new ways to interest students on campus. Although they’re creating new events, older mainstays (e.g. bingo night and trivia night at the pub) will continue with their usual schedules.

In addition to LSPB, Woodrick also happens to be a member of the women’s rugby team.

“When people first look at me, they don’t think that I’m a rugby player,” she explained. But I’m a fullback, so I tackle people mostly and run fast with the ball. I’m short and petite, so you wouldn’t really expect a feisty person inside. It’s fun though!”

When prompted for interesting facts about her that few people know, Woodrick gave a surprising deluge of responses.

“I really love nachos [especially from Moe’s],” she said. “Last week I had them twice in one day. That’s how good they are! Also, I don’t think that people understand that I’m a culture freak. I love culture.”

When asked the top three places she’d be interested to go, an interesting choice topped the list.

“Argentina would be number one,” Woodrick said. “I studied it back in high school for a Spanish class. We had to pick a country and I just selected it because of Eva Peron; she’s very important to their history. So I picked that randomly and studied it a little bit more, and I think it’s such a cool culture.

“[Second on the list is] Thailand,” she continued, “Just because I’ve studied it. [And finally,] France. I’ve never been to France but I’d love to go, especially with a beau. It just seems so romantic.”