Inside recent Phin Fest addition Forget Me in Vegas


Samantha McCormick, Staff Writer


Just a few weeks from now, Le Moyne students will be rocking out at Phin Fest 2012. With artists like Gym Class Heroes, The Stereo Bomb and Joe Driscoll, it’s hard to wait until April 28.

It’s just been announced that pop punk band Forget Me in Vegas (hailing from Rochester, N.Y.) will be added to the Phin Fest lineup.

“We’re definitely excited to come to Syracuse,” co-founder and guitarist Jamie Okrzynski said. “We’ve only performed in Syracuse once and it was only an acoustic gig. We’re excited to make some new friends at Phin Fest!”

The band, which formed in 2009, has a number of musical influences, most of them fairly recent.

“We all have our individual influences that definitely have an impact on the dynamic of our sound,” Okrzynski noted, “but overall our main influences are The Ready Set, Cobra Starship, Brand New, blink-182 and Mayday Parade.”

In addition to touring, Forget Me in Vegas plans on releasing its second album May 1.

“Our last album was our first EP, so we were really just getting our feet wet in terms of discovering our own sound,” Okrzynski said. “I think that our latest EP all around is more mature compared to the first.”

“The band’s still discovering our own sound as we grow, but we’re really happy with how the new EP came out and can’t wait for its release on May 1!” he added.

Despite the amount of work they put into making an album and going on tour, the band members still manage to get some free time to themselves.

“We try to keep ourselves constantly busy through always working on something for the band, but when we do find free time, we like to party and then sometimes we like to relax, too,” Okrzynski joked. “Other than that, our drummer Joe (Raymond) and I are really big into conspiracy theories. Our singer Chris (Wurzburg) loves to longboard and you can usually find our bassist Garrett (Chamberlain) moshing somewhere when FMIV isn’t together.”

That being said, the band is thrilled to be performing at Phin Fest.

“The thing we love most about going on tour is seeing new faces and meeting new people out at shows,” Okrzynski said. “We love to perform for anyone willing to watch/listen but we pride ourselves most on making genuine connections with our fans. We can’t wait to meet you all at Phin Fest!”

Forget Me in Vegas will appear at Phin Fest 2012 on April 28. Tickets are available in the Campus Life and Leadership office. The band’s new album will be released on May 1.