Why Adele wants to set fire to the rain: The inspiration behind her hit CD “21”


Samantha McCormick, Staff Writer


It’s easy to say that 2011 was the year of Adele. She won three American Music Awards and countless nominations from the British Music Awards, MTV Video Music Awards and People’s Choice Awards. Her success does not seem to be dying down, considering she just won five Grammys. Adele is truly on fire from her hit album “21,” released last January.

Yes, her music is a hit. “Rolling in the Deep” is one of the best break-up songs of all time. Now, if you are anything like me, you’re wondering, what was the inspiration behind the popular CD full of songs of anger and pain? What made Adele Adkins so mad?

It was the ending of her 18-month relationship with a 30-year-old man whom she believed to be “the one” that made her upset enough to write a whole album full of break-up songs. In essence, this man was the Dawson to her Joey, the Lucas to her Peyton, the Luke to her Lorelei or any other TV couple you can think of.

“We were so intense I thought we would get married,” Adele told Q Magazine in an interview back in May 2011. “But that was something he never wanted.” A few months after they split, he was engaged to someone else.

“So when I found out that he does want that (marriage) with someone else, it was just the horrible-est feeling ever,” she continued. “But after I wrote it (‘Somebody Like You’), I felt more at peace. It set me free.

“My words are always what I can never say (in real life),” she said. “But I didn’t think it would resonate…with the world! I’m never gonna write a song like that again. I think that’s the song I’ll be known for.”

After I read her sad heartbreaking story, I thought many things. First I thought, “How sad for her.” Yes, she’s now a millionaire because of the music, but no amount of money is ever going to make up for the pain and loss she feels about this man. There are just some things money can’t fix.

Secondly, I thought, “That guy must feel like a fool.” He said “no” to this woman who is now making more money in a week then he makes all year and, even worse, much of the world now considers him an ignoramus.

Lastly, I thought, “You go, girl.” The fact that she took all of her emotions and instead of wallowing, wrote what I consider the best album of 2011 is just great. At the end of the day, Adele is truly an inspiring woman with a rare, talented voice.