Student of the Week: Adriana Battle


James Barcomb, Arts & Leisure Editor

Even something as seemingly basic as dancing requires a great deal of time, work and effort. Just ask Le Moyne Student Dance Company’s executive director Adriana Battle.
“I help pick the theme, make sure the dancers are having a good time and that the show is organized, and I work with the board members to put on a great show,” Battle said. “It’s a lot of work, but it’s very rewarding.”
Battle is a senior peace and global studies major with minors in Italian and anthropology.
“I’m not set on anything yet [post-graduation], but I’m looking at groups like AmeriCorps and Peace Corps,” Battle said. “I just want to help people and better their situations. I’ve also visited Italy and I would love to teach Italian.”
Battle also attempts to spend as much time with her family as possible.
“Family is big to me,” Battle noted. “It’s my main priority whenever I’m home.”
When she’s not focused on her studies or her family, Battle is usually either working (she is employed at the library and tutors Italian) or focusing on LSDC. In addition to her role as executive director, Battle has served as a head choreographer for two years and works with the other head choreographers to put on a show each semester (such as the recent winter show “Dance First, Think Later”).
“As a head choreographer, I have first hand in putting shows on stage,” Battle said. “I choreograph my own dance and I help put together the finale and the audition pieces. The other three head choreographers and I work together to brainstorm ideas; we also contact each other if we need any help.”
Considering her enthusiasm and her status within LSDC, one would imagine Battle has had an extensive history in dance. As it turns out, for Battle, joining LSDC was essentially a reunion with a lost love.
“I only danced for a few years when I was younger,” Battle said. “I turned to sports and then when I got to Le Moyne, I realized I really missed dancing. So LSDC was a way to get back in.”
Despite the amount of work Battle puts in each semester, she doesn’t regret it in any way.
“LSDC is a way to show your love for dance in a style that’s not completely structured, like a class,” Battle said. “It’s run by students, so there’s a lot of creativity. It’s also a lot of fun and a chance to get away from homework.”