Nat’s Guide to Glamour: Building your makeup kit: Brushes

Natalie Peltz, Staff Writer

For painters, brushes are the key tools when creating a masterpiece; the same goes for working with the face. A great makeup artist knows the importance of good makeup brushes. Brushes are the number one investment when starting out with makeup and wanting to build a kit.

Brushes range in style, size and brand name. If you are one who cannot afford a professional-style brush, like MAC or Bobbi Brown, which are personal favorites of mine, there are many out there in the market today that are great quality and very affordable. If you are willing to invest in them, it is very important to understand how to properly wash and take care of your brushes at least once a week to maintain softness and quality.

A great affordable brand is Real Techniques, which can be found at Ulta. My favorite affordable brush cleaner is Cinema Secrets professional brush cleaner or Clinique brush spray.

Another inexpensive way to wash your brushes is by going to a local drug store or grocery store and picking up a bottle of Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo. I know it sounds strange and out of the ordinary, but this is Bobbi Brown’s very own secret way to washing her brush collection! (It’s best for washing natural or synthetic bristles.)

First, add a dime-size amount of the shampoo to your palm, then wet the brush under warm water and swirl the brush around in your palm. Rinse the brush under the water again until the water runs clear or until no shampoo remains. Following this, squeeze the water from the bristles gently, making sure not to pull on the hairs.  To dry your brushes, lay them flat on a towel or off the edge of your sink or counter.  Follow these steps at least once a week.

When shopping for the best quality brushes, make sure to look at hair type. Natural hairs are the best brushes because they can apply makeup more effectively. They can also trap and hold powders the best. Over time, these brushes stay soft and never dull down, unless they are not properly cared for.

Investing in good, quality brushes is worth every penny. Some may be pricey but as long as they are taken care of in the right manner, they can last years while other makeup products have a shelf life of up to two years. Brushes are the key to making makeup look  natural and smooth on the face. The better the brush and care for the brush, the better the makeup will look.