Nat’s Guide to Glamour: The importance of skin care

Natalie Peltz, Staff Writer

Cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen: it’s as easy as three simple steps. Some may think that these three steps are too much for an everyday ritual routine, but long-term results are proven.

Before jumping ahead, take one more quick glance at the three-step skin care routine listed above. Could there be anything else important missing? Cleansing does not always get the entire job done when it comes to deep cleaning and stripping of dead skin cells  exfoliating is the number one step to remove all unwanted enemies from our face! Let’s start out by breaking down these important steps to the proper daily skin care routine.

Few people have naturally perfect skin. With some knowledge, experience, good diet and exercise, it is possible to greatly improve the appearance of the skin. The condition of the skin changes from day to day and season to season. Hormonal fluctuations, stress, medication, travel and seasonal changes are only a few of the factors that can cause skin to act up. If you learn to recognize the various skin conditions, you will be able to choose the right cleansing options and moisturizers.

As college students, it is hard to avoid breakouts, especially when juggling massive amounts of homework. This stress causes cortisol to rise, pushing oil production into gear, ultimately leading to clogged pores (aka pimples). The more oil we obtain on our face, the more problems! The best (and really only) solution is to cleanse and moisturize. To solve this problem, it is important to find a cleanser containing a small percentage of salicylic acid.

Remembering to remove makeup after a long night out with friends is equally important when trying to stay clear of nasty breakouts. Letting skin marinate in makeup — not to mention a day’s worth of oil buildup — can lead to clogged pores and zits, especially if you’re prone to acne. It is important to follow your daily skin routine throughout the night with cleansing and adding a night face and eye cream.

Exfoliating is key coming into the fall and winter, especially after soaking up the heat and sun all summer long. Time to unclog those pores and cure uneven skin tones! If dead skin cells are not removed, they can form a buildup of blackheads, pimples and other “age” spots. So strip the skin of those unfriendly dead skin cells by using a gentle microfoliant. Following this exfoliation, dive into a deep repair mode with a moisturizer best suited for your specific skin type.

Time to analyze the skin! The following descriptions will help you recognize skin conditions and make decisions about skin care products:

Normal: Comfortable-feeling, smooth, even texture with small pores; cheeks are the driest area, but not excessively so. May experience some shine and larger pores on the forehead, nose, or chin.

Dry: Feels tight after washing, may look dry or flaky, feels rough and uneven, dehydrated, and may be sensitive.

Oily: Shiny, especially through the T-zone (the forehead, nose and chin); it is a condition caused by overactive sebaceous (oil-producing) glands. Frequent breakouts, few signs of aging (such as fine lines).

For next time, we will go into a deep analysis of cleansers, makeup removers, moisturizers, sunscreens and scrubs. Until then, remember these steps and take care of that face!